The Safe Babies Court Team

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Project Abstract
The Safe Babies Court Team Zero to Three is seeking a grant to expand the visitation of G.I.F.T. program with the objective of helping families get a better visitation outside of the child welfare agency. Funding in the amount of $20,000 is requested for hiring visitation coaches, training needed for the visitation coaches, interactive activities for the families, books for the children, and expansion to the visitation room.
Agency Mission
The Safe Babies Court Teams Zero to Three is a national, nonprofit organization that provides parents, professionals, and policy makers, the knowledge and know how to nurture early development. Their mission is to make sure that each baby and toddler has a strong start in life. With the G.I.F.T visitation, it will help the visit coach reach an agreement with the parents about the child’s needs to be met in visits, prepare parents for their child’s reaction and how to plan to give their child their full attention at each visits, appreciate the parents strengths in responding to their child and coach them to improve their skills, supportively reminding parents immediately before and during the visit of how they plan to meet the particular needs of their children, and helping parents cope with their feelings in order to visit consistently. To ensure that the agency’s mission and is met during each visit, the visit coach must hit on each of the four principles: empowerment, empathy, responsiveness, and active parenting.…

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