The Safety Act Of The Stadium And The Facility Safety

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Goal: Facility Safety In order to ensure the safety of everyone in the stadium and the facility, we have identified multiple potential vulnerabilities and steps to prevent a cyber attack that leads to harm to any person in the stadium or the stadium. Although the SAFETY Act prevents an entity from being held liable in the event of a terrorist attack, including a cyber terrorist attack, we believe it is in the best interest of the stadium to accept the following recommendations.This allows the stadium to create a safe and positive experience for all attendees. These recommendations include responses to potential vulnerabilities such as emergency systems, power grids, and electronic displays. Emergency Systems We believe that the emergency systems in stadiums are a vulnerability. One of the main areas of concern are the alarms in stadiums. If hackers are able to infiltrate the computer networks, there is a possibility of them being able to get access to the alarm-management network and disable all of the alarms in a stadium. This could prove to be disastrous in the case of an actual emergency because there would be no way to notify attendees to evacuate the stadium, go on lockdown, or take any other precautions necessary in the case of an emergency. In order to prevent this, we propose that all stadiums keep all operating systems up-to-date. By doing so, this lessens the number of flaws in the operating system that can be taken advantage of by hackers to infiltrate
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