The Safety And Efficacy Of Drugs

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There are clear benefits to conducting trials in countries which are still developing. These include exchange of information among medical organizations globally and answering questions about the safety and efficacy of drugs that are of interest throughout the world, but at the same time, the globalization of clinical trials raises ethical concerns. Regulatory bodies are often structured to monitor the quality of clinical trial data and the safety of drugs and devices in their domestic markets. They have limited information on many aspects of research conducted outside their jurisdictions or countries, including the sites, investigators, and participants and the quality of trial data.
• When we look at the Wide disparities in education,
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• Another Ethically important question arises when we look at the Gap between the levels of medical facility available in developed countries versus those available in developing countries. Realistically, such treatments will not be readily available or will be too expensive for the majority of people in developing countries. It is important to realize that conducting a research in developing countries might not imply the use of the best and most effective treatments available in Western countries .The testing of less effective treatments for use in poor countries is justly controversial and deeply troublesome. At the same time, the failure to do so would be even more problematic, essentially barring doctors in poor countries from conducting locally relevant research that might save or improve their patients’ lives in future. Arguably, one should question the ethics of recruiting participants from one society solely for the benefit of another, particularly where such participants could never afford these costly treatments otherwise.

• Discuss the ethical fall out, at least to some, of Jean-Paul Garnier’s statement that "Globalization is the ultimate arbitrage for companies like GlaxoSmithKline."
Economic globalization has been an important development of the past half century. Pharmaceutical companies have embraced globalization as a core component of their business models,
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