The Safety And Security Of Edu Corp Essay

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1. Overview
With the majority of our business conducted via the web, the safety and security of Edu Corp’s website is essential. With continuous concerns regarding web security, such as fraudulent behavior, Edu Corp has established a detailed, thorough policy in order to protect both our customers and employees while conducting various tasks on Edu Corp’s official website. In 2014, a significant number of companies experienced data breaches in regards to their official websites (McGregor, 2014). With a large customer and employee base at Edu Corp, every interaction with Edu Corp’s official website must account for the safety and security of all associated with the company. At Edu Corp, we strive to provide a safe web-browsing environment for both employees and customers, in order to ensure maximum privacy and safety measures.
In order to provide a safe, secured web-browsing environment and experience, Edu Corp continually analyzes web server security aspects, provides secure web server management and practices, specifies web server operating system requirements, outlines web server application requirements, monitors web content to ensure appropriate publishing practices, protects all web content, monitors the use of active content, implements proper authentication technologies and specifies strict requirements, maintains a proper network infrastructures, and assures proper web server security and maintenance.
With company employees and customers often interacting with Edu
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