The Safety And Well Being Of United States Citizens

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The safety and well-being of United States citizens continues to grow more important with each passing day. Events such as the Newtown massacre, and several other active shooter situations have led to a greater need for private security. Chris Hertig and Charles Thibodeau say, “The use of force against violent, aggressive or resistant persons is a necessity in the protection of people, property and image.” So exactly what amount of force can a private security officer use in a given situation? First one must look to when force is required, and what levels of force are granted under “Continuum of Force” (Hertig & Thibodeau). Force can be defined as any touching of another person in order to accomplish a legal justification. If a person is touched without any legal justification, the officer can be held liable civilly and criminally. Force by security can either be “hands on” or “hands off.” Hands on approaches often occur when an officer has to break up a fight, or when making an arrest. The officer uses certain defensive techniques to subdue the assailant, hand cuffs, OC sprays, and tasers are often used for these purposes. Hands off security involves no touching unless the officer is attacked, the officer is allowed to respond with force only when there is an imminent danger created by the assailant. So what situations require use of force? Number one: imminent threats. Assaults in progress always call for a use of force, or the retreat of the aggressor. Security officers

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