The Safety Insecurities Of Public Drinking

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Title: The safety insecurities of public drinking in undergraduate students Aims & objectives This project aims to generate awareness and new knowledge on the insecurities of safety faced by undergraduate students drinking in public settings by examining the experiences and awareness associated with such habits amongst undergraduate students. specific objectives include: identifying safety insecurities associated with drinking, identifying factors which lead/ influence public drinking, identifying common levels of alcohol consumption, the age of participants, mental and physical risks associated with public drinking and framings for prevention of health and safety risks of public drinking. Literature review Alcohol consumption is a major issue amongst university students, there are dangers involved with such actions that lead to both short and long term consequences (Polak & Conner, 2012). Despite these factors, (Kim et al.,2009; Morton & Tighe, 2011) observed that alcohol consumption was prevalent in 67% of students due to university culture and more common amongst second year undergraduates. Morton and Tighe (2011) also found, reasons for alcohol consumption were socialisation (to fit in), student alcohol promotions and to gain enjoyment .Therefore it is inevitable that students feel obliged by peers and social norms to consume alcohol at some stage of there undergraduate careers, Pichini et al. (2013) found that this will most probably occur in a public setting e.g.
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