The Safety Of Car Companies

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Car companies can show the world they care about unfortunate back over accidents by willingly adding rear view cameras to all cars sold. If all car manufactures did this, they will be showing their consumers that they are aware that there is a major issue of children and the elderly getting injured by these preventable accidents as well as show everyone they are willing to do whatever they can to prevent these types of accidents from happening further. If car companies are able to set their greed aside and look at the number of children’s lives that could be saved if all vehicles were required to have rear view cameras come standard in them it would create a higher demand for all vehicles as well as show the world that these companies care more about preventing accidental tragedies rather than making a profit. It’s very important and should soon become a basic requirement for all cars in the United States to have back up cameras. Most car related accidents that happen directly to children under the age of 5 are known as back over accidents. A back over sounds pretty self explanatory, and we all assume people would make sure they always looked in their rear view mirrors before reversing however; it only takes a second for a child to crawl behind a car into a driver’s blatant blind spot. Back over accidents are when a car literally drives over a person as it is reversing. “1,200 children under 15 who were killed since 2000 in non-traffic motor vehicle accidents in the
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