The Safety Of Construction Sites

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Introduction The CDM regulations were put in place to help improve the overall safety of construction sites. Systems were put in place to help eliminate hazards from as early as the design process whilst effectively communicating and cooperating throughout the lifetime of the job. In 2015 details had been updated and changed from the 2007 regulations that will be explored later in this report. Also covered in this report is the Lofstedt review which explores the 2007 CDM Regulations discovering potential flaws whilst also suggesting improvements that are to be made. Task 1 The Lofstedt report reviews the entirety of the health and safety acts and regulations conducted by Professor Ragnar E Lofstedt to help reduce the burden of health and safety regulations on business whilst conintuing to maintain the standard of health and safety that has developed over the years. The report overall did in fact conclude that there would be no need to make major changes to the current regulations however a couple of amendments could improve the regulations in a business sense as well as for health and safety (Lofstedt, 2011). Lofstedt Report Findings and Suggestions 1. One of the first findings stated in the report was that currently health and safety regulations apply to people self-employed however other countries apply the legislation only to those engaged in activities that are particularly hazardous or carry a risk of injury or harm to others (Lofstedt, 2011). Therefore the report
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