The Safety Of Our Country

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Our country is slowly suffering at the expense of our military; our military is constantly funded with the resources to support and protect our country. The protection of our country is a priority, but the development and growth of our country is a priority as well. While our economy continues to deplete, our military resumes to spend billions every year. Increasing and spending high dollars on our armed forces is not needed in order to continue being the most preeminent military force in the world. In order for our economy to flourish and cultivate, our government needs to focus more on other aspects of our economy like the education system, veteran benefits, and unemployment. These are areas of our economy that been occurring problems…show more content…
These analysis are founded upon three key factors, how many additional troops are deployed, how long the deployment will last, and the additional costs linked with incremental troop deployment. The U.S. military requires provisions from support forces, staff headquarters, military police, communication staff, and medical personnel just to name a few. Over the past years, DoD generally has deploys a total of 9,500 personnel per combat group including 4,000 combat troops, and 5,500 supporting troops. This doesn’t include the 35,000 to 48,000 additional troops, which adds an additional $9 to $13 billion for a four-month deployment (Gilmore).
There are supplementary ways in order to decrease these costs. Gilmore addresses the fact that accompanying combat forces with fewer support personnel will decrease the cost of military spending. Since 2001 funding for actions in Iraq and the war on terrorism has been provided across an arrangement of a partial-year (Gilmore). These finances are endorsed at the beginning of a fiscal year, and midyear. This allows the department of defense to constantly gain access to funds. If the funds run out before the midyear, the DoD can pay the expenses with funds given for its original use, which is then reimbursed upon the start of the midyear. Modifying this loophole to every entire fiscal year would create a more accurate depiction of how much financing Congress should present the DoD. This
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