The Safety Plan For Fran And Her Son

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The first safety plan option could help Fran by stopping an argument from occurring if she knows what triggers Bobby. The second option allows Fran to get away from any objects that Bobby could use as weapons to hurt her. The third option helps Fran because if anything were to happen she would have someone to help her stop Bobby or a witness to what has happen. The fourth options helps Fran by being able to run to any payphone and call people that she knows could help her. The fifth option allows Fran to know what way to run if she is running away from Bobby without coming to a dead end. The sixth options allow Fran to leave the house without worrying of leaving anything behind because everything she needs is in the emergency bag. The…show more content…
A safety plan is an essential tool for people to use to assist women or men in domestic violence relationships. A safety plan helps explore and map out options and ideas to promote safety when domestic violence or family violence has occurred. This could prevent careless actions from happening such as not knowing where to go, or becoming the aggressor. Taking these precaution can help save the lives of women or men in an event of a violent episode of rage or frustration. It is important for the victim to strategize what are their alternatives and identify triggers of what causes the violence, in order to prevent it from happening. A safety plan needs to be tailored to the individual needs and should promote safety at any moment of altercation. A safety plan encourages building a trustworthy relationship that may help the victim coupe with the situation by exchanging thoughts and ideas. This relationship is an essential resource for the victim, as violence could happen at any time. A safety plan could encourage many women to finally get the boldness to leave their partners, but there are certain resource women need to be successful. In the novel “Black and Blue” Frannie Benedetto suffered horrible abuse by her police officer husband, Bobby. Frannie finally get the valor to leave him when she realizes that her abuse will never stop, no matter how good she is to her husband. Fran decide to runaway with her son Robert. She takes on the identity of someone
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