The Safety Standards Of Mercury

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Mercury is extremely dangerous to humans due to its extreme conditions not suitable to human life. Missions to Mercury must be conducted with infallible safety standards to prevent incidents such as what has happened in the past. These safety standards must consider all possible circumstances in which measures must be taken. When doing missions on Mercury safety should be the number one priority. Before creating safety standards, it is important to first acknowledge issues and situations that has arisen in the past. Awhile back, a team of scientist were sent to complete a mission on Mercury. Accompanied with them was a robot that went by the name of Speedy. Speedy was a multifunctional robot built to assist the scientist with whatever they needed. Speedy was especially useful against Mercuries harsh conditions. He was able to maneuver the surface where humans could not. Before arriving on Mercury, the team knew they would need selenium in order to repair their photo-cell banks. These banks are important in keeping the base on Mercury from burning up. Speedy was capable of retrieving this selenium, but was the only one capable of doing so. This is because he was the only robot sent with the team. The safety flaw in only having one robot to complete a life or death task is enormous. Standards at the time did not take into account flaws in technology. On the day of the mission, Speedy was sent out to retrieve the selenium. The scientist found it rather strange that he had not
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