The Safety Techniques And Management Strategies Essay

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In today’s world, coal is the most commonly used fossil fuel. The coal present in the Pike River Coal Mine had some distinctive qualities. It was bright, lustrous coking coal with several properties that was sought after by the international steel makers. They used coke as a source of fuel for blasting furnaces and carbon was used to bind with iron to produce steel. Therefore, Pike coal’s unique property of producing low ash and high fluidity made it potentially valuable resource. Underground mining is very hazardous due to some reasons like lack of fresh air, poor ventilation, poor lighting and high level of poisonous gas. Thus, several safety precautions should be taken for the well-being of the miners. Due to lack of these safety precautions and poor management strategies, on 19th November 2010 an explosion at Pike River Coal Mine left 29 miners dead. This report will further discuss on the safety techniques and management strategies taken by the three protagonists of Pike River Coal Mine- the managers, the state and the workers. OUTSOURCING: Outsourcing is one of the important management strategy that provides wider access to world class capabilities and share risks with a partner company. Outsourcing in mining industry depends on two factors: production factors and capacity based factors. Production factors are mostly related to the strategic level of outsourcing whereas capacity based factors related to the tactical level. The Pike River Coal Management used the
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