The Saffron Kitchen By Yasmin Crowther

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Though sometimes contradictory, objects are often more than their intrinsic values. A strong symbol, like a memory, reminds us of values, themes, people, and events. The Saffron Kitchen is a story of a woman who is paralyzed by her past. In an effort to save her family from her traumatic experiences avoid vulnerability and shame Maryam Mazar challenges her family dynamic. When Maryam 's sister, Mara, passes, her son Saeed is sent to be taken care of by her and her husband Edward. Saeed unearths many of the repressed memories of Maryam. In an effort to protect Saeed and her family she unconsciously pushes them away, resulting in her daughter 's miscarriage. Ashamed, Maryam flees to Iran so that she may stop causing damage to the family she loves. In Iran Maryam is reunited with the only person that truly understands her past, Ali. Yasmin Crowther explores the dynamic of a multicultural family and the strong bond of love. Ultimately, Maryam works up the strength to reach out to her daughter to visit her in Iran where Sara develops an understanding for her mother 's choices. The novel culminates with Sara returning to London and her mother staying in her true home, Iran. In the story saffron proves to be both a joining and separating factor for the characters, a representation of home, lose, and disconnect, ultimately a symbol of the dynamic of the Mazar family. Saffron is necessary to the structure of the characters and their relation. Sara is not able to

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