The Salary : The Naked Truth

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Gender equality in the salary - the naked truth

In today’s family, women take the onus of being the main breadwinners or at least being the equal in about 40% cases. That constitutes close to half of the workforce. As far as qualifications by means of college education goes, women definitely seek and receive more. So where do women stand when it comes to earning power? Do women get what they are worth in the salary stake? Does gender equality in the salary a myth? Let us find out.
Equality in salary and discrimination
Women might be employed to do the same job as men, but the general thinking remains that women earn less than their male counterparts. A recruitment agency revealed the results of its survey, which was disheartening to say the least. 63% of the respondents opined openly that the women lagged behind in earning power. Among women, 83% felt that the salary stakes were not good for them while 63% of the men admitted that the salary scale definitely tilted more favourably towards the male of the species. This is the bare naked and sad truth. As per a survey conducted in 2015, women employees who worked full-time made only 79 cents in the place of a dollar earned by their male counterparts for the same job performed. This shows a gender salary gap of 21%. When you consider hourly earnings, particularly in non-managerial positions, women earn 92 of men’s average hourly salary. This lack of gender equality holds true for all occupations for which adequate earning data…

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