The Sale of Human Organs

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The Sale of Human Organs

If your loved one was faced with a life or death situation would you do everything in your power to help them. The easy answer to this would be yes but thousands of people are dying every year because there just aren 't enough organs to be transplanted. There are hundreds of thousands of individuals in need of life-saving organ transplants, but the wait list is so long, that human organ sales should be legal. This has the potential to allow patients to look for organs of a similar match, potentially saving their lives in a much shorter amount of time with an overall long-term reduction in medical costs.
The history of human organ transplant is an epic journey to understand how the human body works and ways to
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But what if we look at it in the sense that you can give life to someone and in return receive a monetary exchange. Do you think more people would help save a life...I do.
We all want to think people are good in nature and they would do anything to help someone in need. But in reality people have a hard time giving something as personal as an organ to someone they don 't even know without receiving something in return. According to Benjamin E. Hippen, a transplant nephrologist "There are fewer organs from living donors than one might wish for because too few people are altruistic enough to undergo surgery for someone they don 't know." With the economy where it is today receiving compensation for donating an organ to save someone 's life seems like a win-win situation. American 's have donated millions to cancer awareness every year and over 90 million people have donated blood to help their fellow American. American 's can receive a monetary sum for the donation of their semen and human eggs. They are giving a part of themselves to someone else to create life. So in turn selling your organ would basically save another life. What is the difference?
In the U.S., a black market for human organs does exist. It usually involves
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