The Salem Hysteria Of Salem Village

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Nearly every form of religion in the world has a religious enemy most likely Satan or a devilish creature and all around the world during the civilized eighteenth century, much were executed due to the suspicion of the the prominent work of Satan also known as witchcraft the credibility although can all be given to mass hysteria a force in which uncontrollable fear affects behavior and passes from one to another. Particularly in the very new and non-popular site of the New World, Salem Village (United States).
During the late 1600’s many women and few men were accused of practicing witchcraft in a small farming town known as Salem Village. Salem Village belonged to a very strict religion also known as Puritanism,the Puritan religion had no restraint that the slightest mistake during the Salem hysteria period could result in the farmers who met in the town hall gossiping about maybe your absence at church, and you were suspected to be a witch. The Salem Hysteria all arose when a clique of puritan girls had often met in Mr. Samuel Parris’s (pastor of Salem Village) kitchen where his native caribbean slave Tituba had been teaching of her decrepit culture in which included the teachings of magic. Anyway she taught them voodoo, told their fortunes by the palm of their hands, and retold religious stories but instead with a hint of magic. The clique, led by Ann Putnam were very intrigued about Tituba as Puritism did not allow any entertainment and thought that it was the work of…

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