The Salem Witch Trials Era

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Three centuries ago authorities in and around Salem, Massachusetts engaged in a witch- hunt.
Authorities during the Salem Witch Trials era were called upon to arrest or execute “witches” due to false accusations made by communities that were in argumentative ties, women who were seen as threats, and religious disagreements. Capturing nearly one hundred fifty perpetrators, charging twenty-eight of them, and nineteen were lynched publically.
Community tension brought false accusations that caused targeting to an area, bringing violence and false prosecutions to the accused. Around Salem, Massachusetts there was farmland where many people owned livestock for basic needs like milk, eggs, meat, etc. One accusation was a man named Caleb
Moody accused his neighbor Elizabeth Morse for the killing of his best swine that occurred sixteen years ago. He also stated that the swine had died from no natural causes implying that Mrs. Morse bewitched the hog. She waited trial in the Ipswich jail until she was transported to Boston to be tried by the Court of Assistants, which happened to be the colony’s highest judicial authority.
Upon arrival Elizabeth was subjected to have a group of women examine her body for a physical growth that was cold or insensitive to a pain prick.
These “test” were used to find proof that she was I work with the Devil. The women found teats in her privates. This evidence was brought to trial on May 20th along with two dozen more depositions
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