The Salem Witch Trials Essay

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The Salem Witch Trials The Salem Witch trials help chaos throughout colonial Massachusetts affecting many others along the east coast. Due to the Salem Witch trials being such a famous event many believe that this was the first Witch hunt, however this not the case it was the first in America. Approximately 141 innocent people were imprisoned with a total of 19 deaths (insert aftermath citation). Salem witch hunt started in 1692 as accusations by the small Puritan community of nearly 500 arose (cite form youtube?). It all started by one line in the bible “thal shalt not suffer a witch to live.” The discrepancy between whether the Salem Witch trials were used to take out enemies or the acquisitionists actually believed these were witches is unknown. Contrary to popular belief none of the accused were surrounded by pitch forks and chased to the middle of town to be burned at the stake. There was a form of due process after a male or female was accused. The description on how to seek out a witch is described on the book Maleficavm released in 1496. The characteristics of a witch varied from a witch’s teat to dangerous tests, none the less there had to be concrete evidence. Once a witches teat is discovered it is poked with a needle to test is they would bleed. In addition risky tests such as a floating test were held. If the colonist was to float they were deemed as a witch however if they sunk they were not. Torture was also a common way to get the accused to admit to

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