The Salem Witch Trials Started When “Two Girls Got A Strange

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The Salem Witch trials started when “two girls got a strange illness. Their bodies twitched and shuddered. They spoke nonsense and seemed to be choking” (Holub, What Were the Salem Witch Trials?). This new illness has led to over a hundred of people being accused of witchcraft. Then started with an abundance of series of hearing and prosecutions of people accused of using witchcraft. The trials had taken place in Massachusetts between February 1692 and May of 1693. These trials resulted in the executions of approximately twenty people. Out of those twenty people, fourteen of them were women, and all were executed except one of them that was hung. Salem was not the beginning of witchcraft though. The starting of witchcraft experiences all…show more content…
Straying off the path can lead you so far down another path that you may never have wanted to go down in the first place. Except there is no way back because once you plunge off you can’t expect to cling onto someone and expect them to have enough faith for the both of you. Especially if you are going against your beliefs. However, even though he knows leaving his wife is wrong, he still believes that he is still an elect that will go to heaven. [Goodman "felt justified in making more haste on his present evil purpose" (Hawthorne 3) either way.] It would seem like even though he really doesn’t want to leave his wife, this is something that he really needs to do in order to come back and be fully committed to his faith and his wife. Just as the forest is in some odd way calling out to him. Little does he know as soon as he enters that forest his world is going to be turned upside down forever. Second, how these witch trials correlate to Goodman walking into the woods that night. When Brown decides to follow his curiosity to a sinful journey instead of staying home with his wife, he is truly stepping into the dark side. As he starts to walk he says to himself, “What if the devil himself should be at my elbow” (Hawthorne 6). Then just like that, the devil happens to appear. Such as if Brown himself is the one that conjured him by thinking about the evil inside of him. That is the beginning of that darkness coming to surface. There is no

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