The Salem Witch Trials Were Trials

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Imagine yourself in the year 1692 when feeling odd with the inability to control your illness was labeled as being bewitched, with unchanging unjust judgements being cast upon you with no evidence to reclaim your status with accusations. That contradict your arguments of being sane and one person admitting to using “fortune telling” otherwise known as “White Magic” at the time and signing a book and witnessing you signing it when the information was false and wrong (Sutter 2000-2003). The Salem Witch Trials were trials that were found to be unjust which destroyed many families and homes because of the reliance on authority, the labeling, resistance to change, Black and White thinking, and Hasty Moral Judgement. To begin with, the reliance on authority was never questioned and was followed blindly which lead to the demise of countless of people which were later found innocent. Speculation of bewitchment was the one cause of all these deaths and another was false accusations. I believe this relates to Reliance on authority because nowadays we as society follow what the government thinks or wants us to think like a heard of sheep following blindly even if we may consider something is being dealt with in an unjust manner. We never stop once to think whether we should question who’s giving the facts, even though we should be open to other opinions in order to become a lot wiser. Everyone present at the witch trials agreed with what was being portrayed by one girl named Tituba.
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