The Salem Witch Trials : Women 's Struggle

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The Salem Witch trials caused the deaths of many women, but it also helped many women gain power among a male dominated society. The Salem Witch trials gave women the power to accuse other people of joining forces with the Devil, thus it also gave women the power to kill off the members of society that they disliked. However, women did not exactly have the power to accuse anyone of witchcraft, they only had the power to accuse other women of witchcraft. This caused a war amongst women as they constantly accused each other of witchcraft in order to save themselves, or in order to get rid of women who caused them trouble in the past. The Salem witch trials did not last forever, but a women’s struggle to gain power in a patriarchal society is still a problem that exists today. Witchcraft was a way for women to assert their will and power in a system dominated by men. And although witch trials are part of America’s history now, a woman’s struggle to have the same rights as men is still an issue that continues to persist in society today. The Salem Witch trials did not actually give women power, rather it gave them the perception of power. The difference between the perception of power and real power is that the perception of power doesn’t raise the discriminated group (in this case the women) up to the status of those who discriminate against them. In other words, they don’t have any real power, for they cannot do anything to raise their own status, they can only lower the
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