The Salem Witch Trials and McCarthyism

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The United States has obtained a respectable and honorable reputation, in which other countries have a tendency to envy. However, certain events embedded within the nation’s past, such as the Salem witch trials and red scare, are often overlooked. These events symbolize times of despair, weakness, and slander, to which the essence of the events is nearly identical. The Salem witch trials can be closely compared to McCarthyism and the red scare, based on the similarities of suspicion, accusation, and prosecution. Despite the difference of roughly two hundred and sixty years, the outcome of such uprisings has remained unchanged. The morals discovered during the Salem witch trials failed to reach the minds of those behind the House of Un-American Activities, and other political figures, such as Joseph McCarthy. The fundamentals of suspicion sparked such events of terror and inhumanity.
In the sixteen hundreds, devotion to a religious life in Salem was deemed necessary, as was being a true, genuine American citizen in the nineteen fifties. Breaking such normality was justified with witchcraft, or communism, and those suspected were subject to severe punishment. In Salem, deception was often handled with solemnity, and cases of such were very rare. Thus, those who suspected one to be involved with witchcraft, used this tactic to manipulate and abuse the already defective system of suspicion. In the United States, fear had overcome logic, which left the nation in anxiety. A sense
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