The Salem With Trials

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Salem Witch Trials The 17th century was filled with mystery because of the strong beliefs in the supernatural powers and the presence of Satan on Earth in the colonial North America. Witchcraft, the use of magical faculties, was mainly used by the peasants with a particular charm of being associated with the evil spirits and demons to prosper in their agricultural activities. In fact, many literatures were written on witchcraft during that period. For instance, Joseph Glanvill in 1668, claimed to have proof of the existence of these powers in witches and ghosts in his thesis titled “Against Modern Sadducism”. Along with this thesis, other works by Cotton Mather, a minister at the Boston North Church, created the fear among the people about the wandering and meandering of demons on Earth (Adams, 2009). As a result, there was caution and concern among people from all quarters regarding the activity of witchcraft and black magic. This proves the common mindset of the society and the religious views and beliefs were blindly followed during those days; particularly when Christianity was almost occult. In the Salem Village (currently Denver, Massachusetts), people believed that ills and misfortunes were a result of the Devil’s tricky activities. Hence, natural events such as infant deaths, failure of crops, conflicts and friction in the society were attributed to the supernatural powers. There were numerous accusations on witchcraft activities for all the unusual outbreak of
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