The Salman Rushdie Case: An Islamic View

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His article, “The Salman Rushdie Case: An Islamic View” was posted on his official website in July 2007 and is aimed at addressing the resentment against Salman Rushdie’s controversial book “The Satanic Verses” in the Muslim community. Muslims accused Rushdie of apostasy and blasphemy against their prophet and demanded his immediate execution. In his article, Zaheer bases his claims on credible historical religious evidence and argues that the Muslim demand for Rushdie’s death is absolutely un-Islamic, since Islamic law has never suggested capital punishment for blasphemy and irtidad - apostasy. Zaheer’s effective use of credible sources and logical progression of ideas along with the rhetorical devices efficiently develop his argument and persuade the reader. However, his occasional fallacious reasoning and overlooking of significant details make the reader question the reliability of his assertions.
Zaheer logically denies that blasphemy and apostasy beg execution of the convict, and simultaneously appeals to the religious sentiments of the reader to strengthen his stance. He opines that the demand for Rushdie’s head is absolutely contrary to the injunctions of Islamic common law, because the penalty of capital punishment for aforementioned…
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