The Salvation Army Information Management System

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Most of the technology we use at The Salvation Army is pretty basic. We use Microsoft Office for much of what we do. We also have corporate email through IBM 's Lotus Notes. In energy assistance, most of our work is done via a web-based database system called SIMS (Salvation Army Information Management System). SIMS is a ServicePoint product. ServicePoint is used in many states across the country to manage their homeless services. The Salvation Army uses ServicePoint for homeless services as well, but in 2007 it became necessary to have a separate system for the rest of The Salvation Army 's services in the mid-west territory. This is the system used by energy assistance to manage requests for energy assistance payments from all across the state of Michigan. In energy assistance, we also use SPSS and Dedoose to analyze data for reporting. The state of Michigan is looking to develop a shared database for energy assistance across the state that would be used by all grantees. The intention is that this database would provide the state with the data they need to run reports and analysis of outcomes. It would also feed into the Department of Health and Human Services system so that the state can monitor the data for potential fraud. Another new application that is being developed is a DTE customer phone app. DTE is developing this to provide customers access to their DTE account information via cell phone. Part of the project includes providing low income households the

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