The Salvation Message Of Jesus Christ

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We live in a world that was hand made by an all knowing God who maintain sovereignty over all creation. Who gave a promised to his most faithful servant Abraham that he would become a father of " many nations." This blessing because of the faith of Abraham did not stop at the seed of Abraham but was extended to every nation of the world. This unreached people group project aims will be through prayer and believing with other that God would allow His word to be magnify among the Kanuri Tribes. In spite of the blessing of Abraham we must be mindful that the salvation message of Jesus Christ have been heard by some , yet there are those that have not heard or have being given the opportunity to refuse, but still can believed if given a opportunity. Whereas, the message is still the same as it was in the days of Matthew 28:19 when the disciples was told to go and make disciples. Much has change in the mission field since that time and the work is somewhat difficult. Today we live in a time that it has become harder to proclaim the name of Jesus without losing one 's life. In many places where people have not heard of Jesus, because of their own religion, yet they are not familiar with other worldviews on religions and have not became receptive to other form of their on religion. The current event of today has really put a damper on the way mission work can be carry out in foreign country. This can be said about the country that we live in as well, it 's bad when people are…

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