The Salvation of God is the Cure

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“The salvation of God is the cure: sin is the disease” (Kevan, Ernest F. Salvation. Michigan: Baker, 1963. Print.), when I first saw this quote it really stuck out to me, the statement is true in my opinion. The only way to get rid of a disease is to find the cure. Salvation is what we need to be spiritually whole, that is why we are made new when we accept God into our heart, and we get “saved”. Throughout this paper I will explain what is means to be “saved”, for what we are saved, and through what? “Salvation is evident in the human response in faith, love, and a certain gallantry to the challenges of the world – discrimination, death, poverty, disease, handicaps. It is the unexpected response, unexplained save through the inspiration…show more content…
Being “saved, is to become new, born again, totally transformed, it an experience you want to happen again and again. You want that feeling because it allows you to be a person of worth, of happiness, and of optimism. “If salvation is by grace, it cannot be through merit, and if it is through merit, it cannot be by grace.”( Smith, Oswald J. The Salvation of God. London: Marshall, Morgan & Scott, 1984. Print.) I was a little bit confused by this statement at first because I did not understand what merit meant, until I look it up. It means something that claims to respect something or someone and be praised for it as well. Whereas Grace means to have favor or goodwill, basically similar to humble. How I can interpret this statement, Salvation is to be humble before God and not boast about it in a way that makes others jealous of what you have. Salvation through merit is praising Jesus what he did for us, dying for our sins, but idolizing Him is not what He wants, He wants us to humble ourselves and spread the good news of the Gospel. The Bible clearly says, “ Work out your own salvation,” but nowhere says, “ Work for your own salvation.” ( Smith, Oswald J. The Salvation of God. London: Marshall, Morgan & Scott, 1984. Print.) I was intrigued by this statement because it is true the Bible does not state we have to work for our salvation, when salvation was
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