The, Same Love, By Macklemore, Ryan Lewis, And Mary Lambert

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Playing God

A crowd of sweaty sixth-graders eager to get to recess, pushed one another in their haste to get down to the park. My best friend hung back. When I ran back to join him, he looked scared, tears welled in his eyes. He took a deep breath, ready to get something off his chest, and said to me and my friend, “You know I like boys right?” I shrugged and said, “Really? That’s okay, lets just go play soccer.” Sweet innocence of children somehow gets lost in some when transitioning to adulthood. They turn to hate filled comments, demeaning gay people into think-ing that their sexual orientation is something sinful or awful. The music video, “Same Love” by Macklemore, Ryan Lewis, and Mary Lambert attempts to change the part of society that believes being gay is a choice. Macklemore is known best for his hip-hop and rapping style music, and while he keeps the rapping aspect in this music video, this is the first time he delves into deeper social issues. “Same Love” seeks to portrays one man’s life journey dealing with his homosexuali-ty, while at the same time challenging viewers to understand that sexual orientation doesn’t define a person.
Using subtle imagery to appeal to viewer’s emotions, “Same Love” depicts the struggles of the main character and what he has to endure throughout his life. As a teenager, he attempts to fit into the social mold of “normality”. Panning through a house and into a room of teenagers sit-ting on a floral carpet, one girl spins a brown beer…
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