The Samsung Galaxy

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In a world where your smartphone makes you who you are, the Samsung Galaxy is the one to invest in when compared with the iPhone. With the iPhone’s released in June of 2007, it was the hottest technology that money could buy, but suddenly Android released the Samsung Galaxy two years later, therefore, it stole the spotlight from the iPhone, and ever since the beginning the two have been fighting for the spot of number one phone on the market. To say that the two phones have not changed a much since their original versions would be a lie, considering the iPhone is now the iPhone 7 and the Galaxy is now the Galaxy 7s. Considering that your phone is as important as it is in this essay we will inspect the various components of each phone and why the Samsung Galaxy is the supreme phone. Let 's be honest, who doesn’t crave to have the best phone out there? As the years progress the technology that are at the touch of our fingers increases as well. Where just a few years ago, it was a high-tech phone if it had a keyboard, but now your phone comes equipped with a keyboard, as well as the internet, Bluetooth, voice recognition, and a multitude of other features to take advantage of. One of the utmost important items to speculate on when buying a phone is the camera quality, both the Galaxy and the iPhone have a 12 megapixel rear camera and a 5 megapixel front camera. As important as camera quality, so is the battery life, considering you cannot take pictures if your phone has a dead

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