Essay The Samurai films of Akira Kurosawa

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The Seven Samurai of Akira Kurosawa

Chi Wei

Kurosawa Akira
Akira Kurosawa (Mar 23, 1910--Sep. 6, 1998) was a Japanese film director, screenwriter, producer, and editor. He directed 30 films in a career spanning 57 years. He was the surprise winner of the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival. In 1990, he accepted the Academy Award for Lifetime. Kuorosawa contributed Japanese history, culture, and society through this movie to audiences. (Film)
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The director choose this specific subjects to demonstrate the Japanese culture and hierarchy grading system. The Seven Samurai represents the spirit and wisdom, loyal, optimistic, martial arts. The film
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At the end of the film, Kambei said “We couldn’t win, the winner are farmers, not us”
Critical Assessment
The different kinds of Samurai Samurai signore nobles are mostly conquering, feudal lords used to each other, their behavior has brought huge disaster to the common people. Samurai allegiance to the Lord King often means an unceasingly, and the object of war is the vast majority of ordinary people. Though at the same time, the warrior is a above ordinary people class, but most of the samurai's lower life and ordinary people to the need of the survival causes warrior must be employed in signore or engage in conflict with samurai spirit, the samurai's behavior and the initial idea inevitably. The film demonstrated the four kinds of Samurai: Firstly, Mutant Samurai; The power of the government on the basis of the samurai, show by the samurai. The rulers of the guys are a group of mutant warrior. They have the right, but not to give them the right people to do things. When the peasants to the government report was driven out, by farmers, and that of the rulers as a general is in after the robber robbed the village to drive to, and put the robbers found no rice, eggs, swept away! Samurai have these variations for the moth, and their days will not last. Secondly, Lost Samurai: Have skills but not the skills to work in the right
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