The San Antonio Art Museum

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The exhibition that I viewed at the San Antonio Art Museum was called “28 Chinese”. This exhibit was based on the artwork of 28 contemporary Chinese artists. Throughout the exhibit, it was discussing the fall of communism, poverty, the essence of time, resistance, rebellion and the conservation of history. Some of the artwork I saw were created by Zhu Jinshi, Qiu Zhijie, Zhang Huan, and Shang Yixin, just to name a few. The exhibit was on two floors of the museum. When I first entered the exhibit, it led me to a big white room with art being displayed on all walls. The first room was based on the Coca Cola project in which there was a tall case of Coca Cola bottles being displayed right when you walk in. To the right was a clear box that held burnt down Coca Cola bottles. These items being displayed made me want to read about the project since it was a familiar company that most people know. Some of the other rooms were structured differently. Some had sculptures, audio visuals, interactive pieces and others had modified furniture but every piece of art had a description next to it which told who the artist was as well as the meaning of the art itself. The materials used for some of the art works included wood, bamboo, and rice paper. The second floor to the exhibit is mostly abstract art work. The overall theme of this was to express their preservation of Chinese culture being good and bad aspects through art. In order for each piece of artwork to convey their purpose,

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