The San Antonio Goal Essay

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The San Antonio Goal Almost every person goal in life is to travel around the world getting to know new places, cultures, and people. People dream about traveling a lot and more if they had a passion that would actually take them to get to know new destinations. Soccer has always been my passion and it has taken me get to know new people and new places I had never been before. We were on our way to San Antonio, Texas a white minivan full of kids on their soccer uniforms ready to play on the hot summer of 2008. They had invited us to participate on a youth national tournament with soccer teams from all over the United States. At that time I was just 11 years old and didn’t knew that much about traveling, and most important without my parents. The minivan was full of kids with the enthusiasm of traveling to a new city with big buildings, famous places to visit and many attractions, where none of us had traveled before. Entering San Antonio was such a beautiful experience, after observing pure trees and grass for hours we finally got to see the buildings and freeways running in many directions. I was just wondering what would had happened if the week before we had lost the final game against “lobitos”, they would the ones observing the beauty instead of us. Our coach Frank and his wife Lucia weren’t as excited as me and my team members which were just stuck next to the window observing the beautiful San Antonio, Texas. I honestly couldn’t believe how tall those buildings
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