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Before going to the San Antonio Museum of Art I searched their website to get an idea of the paintings displayed. One stood out to me online however, it wasn’t until I saw it in person the magnitude of the true beauty of the painting. Martin Johnson Heade’s, Passion Flowers with Three Hummingbirds, exudes something special to vis ualize not only for its bright floral colors, but the heart of the painting is the three hummingbirds in their natural element. I’ve always loved nature, and have enjoyed some bird watching in my time. This would be a type of painting I would hang in my home, as the birds symbolize tranquility and peace in nature; doing what they do naturally. They equate the miracle of life in not only the birds, but the flora and fauna around them; with the sky illuminating in the background. Heade was heavily influenced by his surroundings. He was vastly interested from a very early age in hummingbirds and their effect on natural selection and their environment (St. Rosemary Educational Institution). His aspirations from Charles Darwin led him to the tropics where he painted several humming bird and orchid paintings as his subject matter, including Passion Flower with Three Hummingbirds. This set of genre paintings of tropical subjects depicted his interest in mood and light instead of topographically accurate views ("Martin Johnson Heade Biography”). Heade had a fascination with how light interacted with the environment (St. Rosemary Educational

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