The San Diego Trolley Dances

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The San Diego Trolley Dances took place on October 3rd 2015. An assortment of dance pieces all come together to furnish the city with dance in non-traditional and often unexpected settings. A program that has been established for fourteen years, the annual Trolley Dances traveled from downtown San Diego to Balboa Park. However modern or classical the pieces may in Trolley Dances appear to be, the combination of observation and research can provide a different perspective. Africanist Aesthetics are principles in the qualities of African dance, as well as other African art forms. The aesthetic of the cool is one of five Africanist Aesthetics. It embraces the principle of a contrast between bodily movements and facial presentation and expression. This aesthetic also has a large component of visual values; dancers are confident of their performance and offer themselves as such. Three moments within the collection of pieces presented in Trolley Dances excellently embody the Africanist Aesthetic of the aesthetic of the cool, in the penumbras of potential danger, physical strain, and unexpected collisions.
A black submerged fountain floor was sprinkled with dancers at the Waterfront Park in San Diego. The dark color scheme was contrasted by the ten dancers wearing black shirts and amethyst colored galaxy print pants. With the absence of music, Stephan Koplowitz’s dancers of the piece “Play(as)”, gradually progressed across the first segment of the reflecting pool. After
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