The San Fernando Mission Cemetery

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Death is a subject we tend to shy away from, but why? It’s a natural occurrence that happens all the time, and it’s something we cannot avoid. At least once in our lives we will attend a funeral, but how many times will we visit the diseased once they are gone? A cemetery is a burial ground where those who have passed away lay to rest for the rest of eternity, and it gives their loved ones a place to go and visit them. The San Fernando Mission Cemetery is a Catholic cemetery located in Mission Hills, ironically, right across the street from a hospital. It is owned and operated by the Los Angeles Archdiocese and was established in the year 1800. The cemetery provides several services including burials, entombments, and cremations. For ground burials, they offer options such as traditional burials and lawn crypts which can be single or double, and then there are family monuments and family estates that can fit two to sixteen people. For mausoleum services, which hold the casket aboveground, they offer single and double crypts (Catholic Cemeteries LA). There are a number of sections in the cemetery that have different themes with a corresponding centerpiece. People are able to choose a theme based on religion or characteristics they deem fitting. This cemetery specifically is a Catholic cemetery, which makes it different from others. The people who own it, as well as the people who use their services, believe in certain notions Gayton 2 that differ from people who do not

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