The San Francisco Opera Main Marketing Challenges Centered

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The San Francisco Opera main marketing challenges centered on “the need to coordinate a plan to increase awareness, attendance and ultimate donations” (Kind, 2000, p. 9) from the Silicon Valley area. The opera had a steady donor base from Silicon Valley, but the marketing team found that the donors did not match those who were actually attended opera performances at the San Francisco Opera. Silicon Valley did represent between 17 and 18.3 percent of the total opera subscriber base (Kind, p. 20), it remained to be the least penetrated area in subscriber and ticket accounts, falling behind the Northern Peninsula, East Bay, Marin and San Francisco subscriber segments.
Looking at the data provided in the case study, it is clear that the Silicon Valley does provide substantial donations, but the differences between the area as a donor base and as a subscriber or event-goer base is more nuanced. For example, even with the low attendance, Silicon Valley is second only to San Francisco when it comes to the average contribution, with an amount of $1,770 compared to San Francisco’s $2,690 per household (Kind, p. 22).
One way to close the gap between the donor base and the subscriber/attendance base would be to work on the awareness of San Francisco events to Silicon Valley. By doing this, the ideal goal would be to increase ticket sales from the area and hopefully garner a better-established relationship with Silicon Valley. Ultimately, this could meet the challenges of attendance

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