The San Jose Mine Collapse in Chile

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The San Jose mine collapse in Chile can be viewed as a good example of public relations in the face of a crisis (Yaxley, 2010). What began as a local story of a financially challenged mining company that experienced a mine collapse quickly became an international recovery effort. This story had a happy ending. It could not have but throughout the crisis the Chilean government was transparent with the trapped miners, their families, the Chilean citizens, and the world. There were many different audience members in this situation. On August 5, 2010 the mine collapsed and no one above the ground knew the fate of the trapped miners. It was not until August 22, 2010 that communication from the miners was received. The needs of the miner’s families had to be addressed even though the rescuers did not know the fate of the workers. The basic rules of the “W” questions would apply in this case. The family will need to know what happened. Obviously something went terribly wrong because their loved ones did not return home after their shift. They would need to have an official list of who the trapped workers were so the families could be notified. Knowing where the workers were would be more difficult in the beginning because it was not know how much damage was done down the mine. They also had no way of communicating with the trapped workers to get help from them. When is a question that had many facets. The officials could tell the family when the collapse occurred,
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