`` The Sanctuary Of School ``

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Nowadays, the society has changed a lot. The varieties of technology bring people many benefits. Moreover, with the development of era and society, human being gradually will be influenced by some factors. Now perspectives are totally different from traditional world, and the character of people similarly has changed rather than follow the traditional tendency. “Connectivity And Its Discontents” is written by the Sherry Turkle. Turkle describes that the technology influence relationship and communications with others. Even though the technology always can let people contact with friends and family more convenient and quick, at the same time Turkle also realize that negative effect influences people’s lives. In addition, as known to all, the role of parents for children is extremely crucial, and the communication with parents and the harmony of family generally influence children’s growth. “The Sanctuary of School” is written by Lynda Barry. Barry states that when she was a child, she experienced her parents fighting all night and felt panic. She just went to the school in order to see her teachers and employees in school, because Barry thinks that she has the feeling of security when she communicates with them. Nowadays, the communications with others are different from the traditional ways and normal rules. People take advantage of new technology to communicate instead of face to face. Although the email and text message make people easy to communicate, the society…

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