The Sandersville Mansion - Original Writing

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The Sandersville Mansion - Original Writing “Hurry up, were going to be late” screamed my older brother. He has always been the bossy one since dad passed away. He was very much like my father, same sturdy shoulders and a glare that would send a shiver down your spine. He had dark haired, with brown eyes that stood out, he isn’t very tall but can still stand his ground. He is not the kind of person you want to vex. “Okay Moe, I’m almost done” I retaliated. We were going to visit our grandparents in Sandersville, we go there every winter. Even though my brother and I aren’t very close to them, our father would have wanted us to visit them and make sure they are well. My brother was only 22 but…show more content…
We walked through the orderly corridor with pictures of my fathers childhood, my grandfathers army photos, and my parents wedding. We entered the living room and the scent of Christmas pudding hypnotized me. Moe began to speak to grandpa about how the shop is doing and whispered about me thinking I cant hear them. “He’s been acting strange lately, staring into the horizon, day dreaming all the time” my brother claimed. Which is kind of true, ever since I found that box under the stairs that contained my mothers price objects. I wandered outside again in search of something to do. As I was walking down my grandparents street, with leaves crunching under me, I came across a white rabbit, so white that snow would look too dark compared to it, with bright red eyes. He hopped slowly, looking back at me every time almost inviting me to follow him, which I did not thinking where I could end up. I pursued the furry creature for 10 minutes and finally it stopped. Unaware of where I was I looked up and to my surprise right in front of me was the house I that I dreamt about a few minutes ago. I stared at it for a while not believing my own eyes, it can’t be possible I began to kid myself into thinking it just looks like it’s the same house. I walked through the familiar threshold, more confidently now. I began to pick up pace and ran in excitement to see what is inside, it

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