The Sandringham House

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Comparing to Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle, Sandringham house has its special attractions to royal members for architectural style, living environment, interior or exterior decoration etc. However, this spectacular building was not the same as what it look like at present. More than 3 renowned architects were invited to design and reconstruct this house in history. As time went on and technology developed, almost all elements including style, shape, materials as well as decoration have changed. This part will introduce these variations in details with respect to period.
The history of the Sandringham estate could be dated from 1686 when document show its sale by the Cobbe family. Then, in year 1771, it was taken over by Cornish Henley who replaced a rambling sixteenth-century house with a plain, compact, rectangular Georgian building covered in white painted stucco enlivened by a gable above the front door and a bay window overlooking a lake to the west’ (NIGEL R. JONES,2005) The comment sounds negative, but certainly this makes the interior intensely revealing for interior design historians. According to the description in books, the house was built in Georgian architectural style with a plain, compact, rectangular shape generally. As the exterior…

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