The Sandwich Factory

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The sandwich factory By Jason Kennedy The short story The Sandwich Factory is written by Jason Kennedy in 2007. The plot takes place at a sandwich factory in 1994.. The narrator of the story, who we follow through the story is 1st person narrator, we gets his own view of the factory. One thing we should remember while reading the story is that we hear the thoughts and opinions from his point of view, so that doesn’t necessarily that it’s all true. We know that he is a male only because someone at the factory wants to find him a female partner. He works at the factory, so we meet him there. He gives us an impression that the employees are no longer considered as humans nor individuals. They are just one of many. The narrator…show more content…
In the words of our main character, he would run around with a knife, threatening him. It scared him, but at the same time it wasn’t a big deal at all, since he would casually ask customers if he had a knife in his back. Apparently the mad man drove a forklift, and that was a big deal. That meant he got more that double the payment compared to the other workers at the factory. He was also said to have forklift swagger, with a certain way of moving. In that way, our main character is not like the others at all, he wants to get out and he doesn’t think he is being treated right. The story ends with him leaving the factory and never coming back. There are definitely some symbols in the text. For example when he mentions the sandwiches. The narrator is mad about his job, his co-workers and the managers. He compares it to the tomatoes in the sandwich, stinging his soul with its acid. Thereafter he dreams of a place where he could stand and silently watch the tomatoes passing him, by with a note of a agony at the conveyer belt. I have chosen the text nice work, by David Lodge and the picture Relativity, which is painted by M.C. Escher. I find the picture and the text very comparable, because they’re both very monotone and gray. The picture illustrates the described factory. There is no individualism, no happiness or passion shown. The short story expresses the same feeling, it is very monotone. In the text nice work we read about Robyn Penrose’s visit to an automobile

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