The Sandwich Technique: Transportation and Logistics

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"Sandwich technique" In the logistics chain, the role of transport has also immensely changed and the role that it plays in the entire process is observed by Eastern Asia Society for Transport Studies (2005) to be "more complex than carrying goods for the proprietors. Its complexity can take effect only through high quality management. By means of well-handled transport system, goods could be sent to the right place at right time in order to satisfy customers' demands." Due to the changing role and complexity of the role played by the transport aspect within logistics, transport "brings efficacy, and also it builds a bridge between producers and consumers. Therefore, transportation is the base of efficiency and economy in business logistics and expands other functions of logistics system. In addition, a good transport system performing in logistics activities brings benefits not only to service quality but also to company competitiveness." (p. 1662). This is an indication that for a company to keep their edge in the market there is need to find new ways to add value to their services as is the quest of this research. Paraphrase According to Eastern Asia Society for Transport Studies (2005, p.1162), the purpose of transport in the logistics chain is deemed to be more complex than merely carrying goods to the recipients and the complexity can be achieved when there is high quality management system. A transport system that has been well handled, results in the timely

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