The Sandwitch Factory

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The Sandwich Factory A) The short story "The Sandwich Factory" is written by Jason Kennedy and deals with a man’s experiences doing a low-paid job at a sandwich factory. It tells the story of how the man needs to be able to deal with a lot of things about himself and other people, to do the work and concentrate about it. We get a very good insight into his situation, but it is very much marked by his personal thoughts about it, and therefore it becomes more or less useless for us to relate to. It is very obvious that this man doesn’t like his job, and we even get the feeling that he doesn’t like his life either. To begin with the story takes place in the sandwich factory, where he works. He introduces us to some of the people he works…show more content…
The manager, however, seems to think that he knows how everybody thinks, as he believes that the employees don’t like to be shunted around. It is obvious that he hasn’t tried it himself. The text gives an insight into how the managers think, and it can therefore be connected with the narrator’s thoughts in the short story. Picture 2, a still from Modern Times by Charlie Chaplin is a very interesting picture in this situation, as it represents society’s thoughts about the huge mass productions that suddenly overwhelmed the world. The film makes fun of the massive factory production that not only made a lot of people unemployed, but also made the world go mad. It can relate to the short story because of the way it uses irony to deal with a huge problem. B) The statement: "a figure of speech is an expression or comparison that relies not on its literal meaning, but on its connotations and suggestions." is a very good way of describing figures of speeches. Dickens seems to be using it a lot, and the text is actually very much marked by figures of speeches. As an example there is a comparison between the color of the town and the face of a savage: "[…] it was a town of unnatural red and black like the painted face of a savage." (ll. 2-3) and as another example we have the comparison between the steam-engine and an elephant: "[…] the piston of the steam-engine worked monotonously up and down, like the head of an

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