The Satire And Labelling Of The Cartoon, By Michael Ramirez

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A political cartoon is considered as the junction of two elements: caricature and allusion. They use caricature to place the person in question in a way they will look funny or even foolish for their appearance is being exaggerated. According the online Merriam Webster dictionary, an allusion is when we state something that referrers to something without mentioning it. This technique works perfectly when it comes to relate a very serious political cartoons. Thus, on May 29 of this year, Michael Ramirez published a cartoon on the website of the online newspaper. In this cartoon, the cartoonist used exaggeration and labelling. In the following paragraphs we will be analyzing this cartoon deeper. Michael Ramirez exaggerates a lot in the way he painted the scenery in the cartoon. Obviously, he was trying to paint the dirtiest place possible to put his characters. When you look at the cartoon, the first thing you will notice is the couple sitting in that dirty place, filled up with mud and puddle. Without any exaggeration, the best way to call this place painted by Michael is a sty. That exaggeration in the cartoon is crucial. It is used to show the gravity of the issue the cartoonist is relating. The cartoonist uses some labelling as well. In the back of this couple described above, we can notice as two things with the shape of a tire. On the one that is behind the male we can clearly ready the word “corruption”. When it comes to the one that is behind the lady, on it we can

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