The Savanna African Elephant

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Elephant and Gazelle African elephant The African elephant whose common name is the Savanna/ African Elephant, is beautiful and fascinating animal that is found in Eastern, Southern and West Africa, in dense forests, mopane and miombo woodlands, Sahelian scrub or deserts. The genus is Loxodonta. The species is africana. The kingdom is Animalia. The phylum is Chordata. The class is Mamalia. The order is Proboscidea. The family is Elephantidea. The life-cycle for the African elephant is very particular. Mating and gestation is very particular for African Elephants. African Elephants do not have a specific breeding season, although research has proven that there are more births during times of heavy rainfall. A Females estrus cycle lasts about thirteen to sixteen weeks, ovulation lasts around four days. Male elephants also called bulls, look for female mates when they have entered musth “a period of intense aggressiveness and sexual drive.” For each male it is different when they come into musth at a specific time every year, it usually lasts about six to twelve weeks. After a gestation period of 22 months females give birth to a single calf. On average female elephants give birth to one calf every four to nine years. Elephants calves can weigh 265 pounds on average at birth. Within the hour they are born calves are able to walk, see, and smell. Within a couple hours calves begin to suckle, from then on for their first three months they are completely
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