The Saviour

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The Saviour BITS ZG629T: Dissertation by Manisha Gaur ID No.2011HZ12660 Dissertation work carried out at R Systems International Limited, NOIDA Outline Report Submitted in partial fulfillment of M.S. Software Systems degree programme Under the Supervision of Rahul Sharma, R Systems International Limited, NOIDA BIRLA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY & SCIENCE PILANI (RAJASTHAN) FEBRUARY, 2013 Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani Work-Integrated Learning Programmes Division Second Semester 2012-2013 BITS ZG629T : Dissertation Outline ID No. : 2011HZ12660 NAME OF THE STUDENT : Manisha Gaur EMAIL ADDRESS : STUDENT’S…show more content…
While the SMS will state the last known location of the user in text format, the email message will include a URL (website link) to a map, in which the location from where the person sent out the SMS message can been seen. The mobile number can also be tracked when the call is made to the police no 100. The application can also be integrated with social networking site like Facebook. The user can choose for help/location alerts to be shown on their Facebook Wall as well. This will increase the chances of people seeing the notification and coming for help. There are a couple of new mobile applications that are built specifically for safety issues but most of them require continuous internet connectivity. This application that we plan to build, will even cater the mobile phones that do not have multimedia features. Yes, some functionality will of course not work but the phone dependant applications will definitely prove helpful. Scope of work Since safety is a major concern in all the metros, this application will be of use to everybody irrespective of their age or gender. The application can be integrated with all the police stations and extended to provide GPS support to automatically track the nearest police station. The application can also be extended with high-end features involving internet and real time data streaming to help the person in need as early as possible.
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