The Scale And Impact Of Business

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This essay addresses the scale and impact of business, in particular environmental impact. First, the notion of business and its purpose will be discussed. Then the environmental impact of business will be viewed, discussed, and critically assessed using different theories. The term business has been variously defined by many scholars. For example, O’Sullivan nd Sheffrin (2007) consider business to be an organization that trades in goods and or services to consumers. Other terms used to describe this trade include enterprise and firm. Businesses are owned by individuals or a group of individuals as seen in examples such as corporations and cooperatives. Generally, businesses are considered to be part of four categorizations in terms of the activities they undertake: primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary (Kenessey, 1987). Primary industries deal with raw materials and undertake extractive activities such as farming, fishing, mining and forestry. The secondary sector manufactures and processes the raw materials into goods. The tertiary sector also referred to as the service sector, either sells products or goods from the primary sector as well as expertise and skills such as financial and business services. The quaternary sector is also involved in service provision, however, most of its undertakings are behind the scenes activities such information and communication technologies and research. The scale of involvement or reliance on these sectors varies from country to
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