The Scandal Of Black Sox Scandal

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Title: The Scandal that involves Black Sox
Topic: The Black Sox Scandal
General Purpose: To inform about the audience about the historical event known as the Black Sox scandal.
Specific Purpose: To explain the owner mistreatment of the players, the details of the scandal, trail that followed, and the effects of the scandal had.

Attention Material: In 1919, the Chicago White Sox, a major league baseball team located in Chicago, Illinois, was one of the best teams in baseball. They had the best record, were filled with talented players, and were in the World Series, which is a series of games that determines who the best team in baseball is. They faced the Cincinnati Reds, a major league baseball team located in Cincinnati, Ohio. They were heavily favored to win, but that did not end up happening. The Reds ended up winning the whole World Series and suspension began to arose about the Chicago White Sox. This lead to the discovery of the Black Sox Scandal, in which players of the Chicago White Sox purposely lost the World Series in exchange for money from gamblers. The players plans were simple lose the series and get the money. However, they got discovered and this lead them to court and a ban from the game that they loved playing.
Credibility Statement: I am a baseball fan and I have done a lot of research to build up my knowledge about this event.
Thesis Statement: The Black Sox scandal left has been embedded in history for the idea that was presented and the
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