The Scandal Of Healthsouth Corporation Scandal

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Organizational misconduct is the chief cause behind corporate accounting scandals. The trusted executives of the corporation participation in actions during a scandal are corrupt and illegal. In the United States, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is typically the government agency that investigates such scandals. One of the most notorious corporate accounting scandals in the United States is the HealthSouth Corporation scandal of 2003. HealthSouth Corporation is one of the United States largest health care providers with locations nationwide. A deeper inspection of the HealthSouth scandal is needed to understand how it transpired by assessing how it was executed, the accounting issues and root of the issue, how it was exposed, the results to the company and its officers, and warranted ramifications as an outcome of the scandal. Scandal Overview In 1984, Richard Scrushy founded HealthSouth in Birmingham, Alabama. Scrushy was the company’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) when the company went public in 1986. HealthSouth grew quickly over the next several years. Shortly after HealthSouth went public, it is alleged that Scrushy instructed senior staff to materially inflate the company’s earning to match expectations. In 2002, the first sign of troubles occurred when Scrushy sold $75 million of HealthSouth stock days before HealthSouth announced a large loss. After this the SEC began to investigate if any insider trading laws had been violated. In 2003,
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