The Scarcity Of The Drought

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With a growing population of 38 million, California has plenty to offer. However, it lacks a very important necessity for it’s large and rapidly growing population. History has shown water has always been a scarce resource in California. One of the main factors is climate. Although the sunny weather has always been a big-ticket appeal, year round warm temperatures result in dry regions and lack of rainfall. The state has had its fair share of water shortages from time to time. In 2014 governor Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency, as the state continues its record-breaking drought. There are many factors aside from lack of rainfall that come into play. The causes of the severe drought can be pinpointed onto a number of factors such as…show more content…
In addition to its large population, California faces many forest fires due to its semi-arid and desert landscape. These forest fires are prevalent in Southern California, and not only does it take a toll on the water supply, but also the environment as animals lose their homes, and smoke worsens the air quality. Southern California not only has more wildfires than Northern California it also experiences more severe drought versus its northern counterpart. Meteorologist has reported that 75 percent of annual rainfall occurs in Northern California, but 75 percent of water usage happens in Southern California. The northern region on averages receives around 20 to 60 inches of precipitation while the southern region receives an average of 10 to 20 inches. The majority of the precipitation the state receives will go into the drainage storage of the Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers. (Herzog) Although droughts are part of California’s history there are precautions and measures that can be taken to decrease the severity of the current drought and for future years to come. Environmentalists, have stated that the current severity of the drought is unlike anything the state has experience. The drought can be seen all around us, in our front lawns to the brown mountains that surround Riverside. With continuous lack of rainfall and average temperatures increasing year after year it has taken its toll on the
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